Magento is a PHP base open source e-commerce web platform for on-line business. If you are seeking eCommerce website that allows efficient scalability, then Magento could be the best option for you. This platform serves both high level and low level online businesses, it has a free version (Magento Community Edition) as well as costly premium versions(i.e Magento Enterprise Edition, Magento Professional Edition and Magento Go).

On-line businesses are regarded as thriving enterprises and Magneto is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms.The pros and cons of Magneto eCommerce platform are:


0. Secure and stable structure of the website.
1. Magento eCommerce platform is an excellent platform for SEO.
2. Magento eCommerce platform is highly customizable.
3. It supports multi-currency and multi-language capabilities so it can be used anywhere in the world.
4. Magento eCommerce platform has unique features as compared to other eCommerce platforms. As it can manage multiple store fronts.
5. Magento eCommerce has a wide community of users in all over the world. These users have developed many extensions and plug-ins as it is open source.


1. Due to its complexity it is time costing.
2. Lack of developers, Due to the complexity of developing a Magento system.
3. While the community version of the Magneto does come for free,but other versions Magento Enterprise Edition, Magento
Professional Edition and Magento Go are costly.

Services :

1. Support and maintenance.
2. Error fixing.
3. Shopping cart development.
4. Responsive design for different screen sizes.
5. Extensions development.
6. Theme development.
7. Payment gateways integration.