Joomla eCommerce Virtuemart

VirtueMart is an Open Source E-Commerce solution which is used with Joomla! Content Management System.VirtueMart and Joomla are written in PHP so that easily used in PHP and MySQL environments.Joomla provides the Framework and Core System, which VirtueMart uses to complete Shopping Cart Solutions.

Features :

1. Stocking or inventory,stock warning and virtual stock (only ordered but not bought yet).

2. Default SEO integration.
3. Multi gateways supported.
4. Multipage checkout.
5. Track order of anonymous users.
6. Coupon handling.
7. Link to recommend a product to friend.
8. Hidden debugging tool.
9. GREETED in users native language.
10. Uses Joomla extensions.
11. User based shop system.
12. Nested categories with meta tags for search engine optimization and with description and media.

Pros and Cons :


1. Good Speed.
2. Same template system as Joomla.
3. Upgrading is easy, unless you should not have done any file modification.
4. Easy Installation and easy to use.
5. Provides efficient SEO as it works with Joomla.
6. Template modification and development is very easy.
7. Easily upgradeable.
8. Several payment methods supported.

Cons :

1. Virtuemart has lack of advanced functionalities and a lack of development.
2. Lack of integration with eCommercee.
3. Dependent on Joomla for functionality.


1. Joomla eCommerce Virtuemart website development.
2. Support and Maintenance.
3. Template Designing.
4. SEO optimization.
5. Responsive design.
6. Plug-in development.