Originally PHP stands “Personal Home Page” but now it stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”.It is a widely-used an open source scripting language.It is available for free to download and use.
Our developers have great expertise in PHP development and experienced skills in different frameworks of PHP.

Features of PHP:

1. Improved resource handling.
2. Object-oriented support.
3. Native session-handling support.
4. Strong Encryption support.
5. Flexibility.
6. Security.
7. Open source.
8. Provides cross platform compatibility, as compared to some other server side scripting language.
9. Normalized Database Layout.

Pros and Cons:


1. Easy server side scripting language.
2. Very large community and widely used.
3. Extensive data base support.
4. Good documentation.
5. Free and Open source.


1. Executes a little bit slowly.
2. Requires more resources.
3. Limited meta-programming as compared to Python and Ruby.


1. Custom web Application development.
2. Deployment on Web Servers.
3. Maintenance and Support.
4. Responsive design for multi screen sizes.
5. Payment gateway integration.
6. Content management system (CMS) development.