Java is a platform-independent programming language that developers use to develop secure and robust applications, these may run on a single computer or may
be distributed servers.Java is not the same as JavaScript. In fact, they don’t have any similarity besides their names. While developing Java EE enterprise
applications Java features such as portability and platform-independency ensures that you don’t face the problems related to network , hardware and the
operating system.
We work in:

different frameworks i.e JSF, Struts, Grails and EJB.
Tools are eclipse, net-beans etc.

Features of Java:

1. It is simple because syntax is based on C++ programming language.
2. Object-oriented approach.
3. It is platform independent.
4. It has strong memory management system.
5. It’s performance is high with the use of just in time compiler.
6. RMI and EJB are used for creating distributed applications.
7. Support of multi-threading.
8. Several security mechanisms.
9. It’s code is portable.

Pros and Cons:


1. It is available for free.
2. Large and standard class library,
3. Good portability.
4. Simplified syntax.
5. Comprehensive documentation.
6. Built-in serialization or de-serialization functionality.
7. Memory cannot be corrupted, at least when using purely managed code.
8. Meta-programming allowed by Reflection.


1. No type inference.
2. Poor support for functional programming.
3. No operator overloading, No unsigned types, No value types, No iterators and No delegates.
4. More memory is used as compared to c++ or c#.


1. Application development.
2. Application integration.
3. Support and maintenance.