On-site SEO

On Site SEO is about optimizing the contents of a website such that behave friendly with search engines. It includes the optimization of texts, internal links, images, URL structure, tags and headers. Optimizing anything that is uploaded to website’s domain, for search engine is treated as On site search engine optimization.
On site search engine optimization is the most important part in the process of search engine optimization. It is said that if on site search engine optimization is perfect then seventy percent job of the search engine optimization is done. Inshort On Site SEO plays very important role in getting your website to the top ranking on search engine results.

Important Components are:

1. Proper title of the pages.
2. Meta tags.
3. Heading tags i.e H1, H2, H3 etc.
4. Keyword density.
5. ALT tags with targeted keywords.
6. Unique content.
7. Content organization.


We will provide following services:

1. Optimizing title tags and descriptions.
2. Proper structure of URLs.
3. User friendly navigation.
4. Optimizing internal links.
5. Proper text formatting i.e h1,h2 and bold etc.
6. Loading pages fastly.
7. Creating an XML sitemap
8. Eliminating 401 errors.