ASP .Net

It is an open source server-side Web application framework which is designed for Web development to develop dynamic Web pages and web sites using HTML, CSS and JS (Java Script).
ASP.NET supports three different development models:
1. Web Pages.
2. MVC (Model View Controller).
3. Web Forms.

Tools and technologies we work in :
Microsoft Visual Studio.
Visual Web Developer
Model View Controller.
Web Forms.
Web Pages.

Features of ASP.Net:

1. Makes development simpler and easier.
2. Easy deployment.
3. Built-in security features.
4. Integrated with ADO.NET.
5. Built-in caching features.
6. Reduces the line of code needed to develop large applications.
7. The ASP code and HTML are smoothly mixed with each other to generate dynamic web pages.

Pros and Cons:


1. Visual Studio.
2. C# can be used in Non-Web Applications.
3. Code Compiler.
4. More dynamic.
5. It has a lot of built in features.


1. It is not open source.
2. it’s hard to learn.
3. Windows platform only.


1. ASP.NET development.
2. Windows desktop development.
3. Mobile application development.
4. Web services development.
5. Application Maintenance and Support.
6. Web API development.

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